Sharing experiences and inspiration for the amateur and professional dancer. Hoping to bring light to many forms of live entertainment from around the world, while creating a stronger sense of unity and celebrating diversity in the performing arts.

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The Creator

I am a professional dancer and aerialist currently working at Tokyo Disney Resort. Originally from Toronto Canada, I grew up training in many styles at the Canadian Dance Company, competing regionally and internationally, and performing in pre-professional shows whenever possible. I went on to receive my bachelor of fine arts in Theatre Performance Dance from Ryerson University, where I furthered my dance education and was also introduced to subjects such as performance history, anatomy, production, and music theory. I am now pursuing a career as a professional dancer and travelling around the world for both work and pleasure.

As a theatre fanatic I make it a point to see a live performance in every country I have visited. I have not only been able to witness some unbelievable talent, but have gained a deeper understanding for various cultures, and the value of performing arts around the world.